Empowerment bridges the gap between the will to change the world and
the capacity to do so.

$29 per month provides more than training and support for an individual to transform their own life. It binds you and your Hero together in a movement to heal, transform and empower others, who in turn join the cause and pass it on.

Your $29 grows exponentially as a single Hero, sparked by a single donation, begins to change the world.

Entire communities realize social transformation when a Hero,
empowered by your support, begins the work she is called to do.

She engages the local church, serves and trains her neighbors in small groups, and provides access to the very tools and opportunities that helped her rise from victim to Hero.

When the work of the STAND/Together Project takes hold in a community, embracing whole families and churches, it creates positive momentum that spreads to neighboring communities and beyond.

Ultimately, the transformation of an entire region — by the love of Jesus — can be traced back to the empowerment of a single Hero.
It begins with you.

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